travel as a family


Many of us have dreamed of traveling the world since childhood, but perhaps we did not grow up in a family where this type of adventure was encouraged; For this reason, now we want to build opportunities to learn and develop as people together with our children, siblings, nephews or grandchildren.

Definitely, traveling with the family is an unforgettable experience in many ways, both for us and for the little ones in the house.

Why travel as a family?

It is the best way to invest quality time with our children. Unlike when we are at home consumed by day to day, business meetings and school tasks, during trips we live different, fun and challenging experiences, giving ourselves 100% to the present moment.

Thanks to the trips, we can say that we are creating a future full of positive and exciting memories, to develop and feel happy as adults.

Many of our clients and associates tell us that after a trip they feel more connected to their children and it's easier to talk about complex issues as a family.

What do children discover when they travel?

When the little ones leave their comfort zone and are far from home, they are encouraged to do activities that they would not do on a daily basis: climb a mountain, walk on a suspension bridge or go canopying. These situations increase their self-confidence, preparing them for bigger challenges such as going abroad to study, accepting their first job or playing sports.

For adults and children alike, seeing new places provides an interesting topic of conversation for a lifetime. In fact, when they return to school they will be able to tell what they did during their vacations.

Travel Financing Options

Precisely to support our clients to achieve their dream of traveling as a family, at Coopealianza we have loans for personal expenses from the Consumption Line. You only have to enter use this form and put your personal data to start the credit application process.

We have competitive and stable rates, long terms to pay, fast and personalized procedures, few requirements and terms according to your needs.

For example, we have personal loans with a rate of 17% and with a term of up to 180 months, applying restrictions, which work perfectly for trips outside the country.

The credits are available for salaried people and public sector pensioners for up to ₡25 million; and for private wage earners for a maximum of ₡22 million.

To opt for a personal loan, you only have to present your identity card and proof of salary or income (proof of salary and pay stubs) and do the SICERE study. For their part, the pensioner must only present their current identification document, proof or certification of pension.

Contact our advisors

For more information, you can call 2785-3000, where one of our advisors will guide you through the process.