We give you facilities for land purchase credits

One of the things that limits people who have the dream of acquiring their own home is that they could opt for a bond or build their home with a loan, but first they need a piece of land. That ideal place, strategically well located and that meets your needs.

But buying land sometimes becomes cumbersome and difficult because the procedures are endless, full of requirements and very slow.

That does not happen in Coopealianza. Here we guarantee your credit in a few hours and with many facilities, in an agile, personalized and transparent way.

That is why we offer a line of Home Credit that finances the purchase of your own lot and in less time. You can even calculate your loan installment and apply for credit online. We will advise you in the best way to meet your goals.

The basic requirements to acquire a loan are:

Remember that there are three ways to get a loan: a cold financial entity where they treat you like a stranger; a voracious lender attentive to take advantage of your need and a cooperative, which treats you like a friend.

In addition, at Coopealianza we have Propierties sell with great discounts and financing so that you can acquire your lot in a dream place.

Contact us and let us help you achieve your goals and dreams this 2022.