The best cooperatives in Costa Rica

The best cooperatives

A sustained growth in the associative base, territorial coverage, assets, equity, credits and savings, throughout its 47 years of existence, are some indicators that locate Coopealianza RL

Coopealianza advises you as a friend

Coopealianza advises you

For more than 46 years, Coopealianza has offered financial services that allow its associates to access a better quality of life. Proof of this is that to date there are more than 193 thousand associates throughout the country, which makes Coopealianza the cooperative entity with the largest associative base […]

Home and lot purchase loans

Home and lot purchase loans

Having your own home is not only the right of everyone to have a private space to live in, but also the right to form a home, have a family and live in comfort and dignity. Buying a lot to build or acquire a house, however, is not easy, for the […]

Youth Savings Tips

Youth savings

Saving generates fruits and rewards. Developing a good financial culture from childhood helps to generate discipline and have a future capital, which contributes to a better quality of life and to face emergency situations. The habit of saving is the first step to build financial planning, such as […]