Important tips to learn how to save

Saving, as a strategy to cover future expenses or investments, is a difficult discipline, particularly when individual or family income is limited. Saving usually entails sacrifices, but every effort is rewarded with the tranquility offered by the opportunity to attend to those eventual needs, without altering the course of a healthy family economy. […]

Investments with higher returns

In the search for a higher return on money, it is so important to take into account the favorable conditions of a savings certificate, as well as the trust that can be placed in a financial institution. While Saving at La Vista runs the risk of fading in the face of so many consumer opportunities that are […]

We save money: the tranquility of the end of the year


Although having Auto Insurance or “Marchamo”, as we call it, is an obligation that we must fulfill every year, in order for our vehicle to be authorized to circulate in our country, some of us make the payment with certain setbacks because we let it At the last. The disappointment comes, in part, from the fact that the payment […]