Real estate in Puntarenas: ask about the properties we have.

Real estate in Puntarenas

The southern cantons of the province of Puntarenas make up an area of ​​the national territory with enormous potential for economic progress and personal and family well-being. The expectation comes from its natural and cultural riches, which give the sector paradisiacal tourist attractions, with an agricultural and livestock vocation and of growing importance for […]

Sale of properties and lots in Costa Rica: Find in Coopealianza the one you need

The acquisition of a house or a farm is usually a determining event for the stability and well-being of the family and business, so the investment must be carefully analyzed. Although transactions are supported by documents - deeds and plans - that determine the characteristics of the property, as well as eventual annotations, there is always the [...]

Property sales in Costa Rica with great discounts

Coopealianza offers a range of property options throughout the country, so that you can obtain yours at competitive prices and excellent financing conditions. You can have lots, lots with a house, farms or other properties that suit your needs. These can be found in a catalog on the site […]