New year, new car:

Learn about the facilities of a credit for the purchase of a new or used vehicle Nowadays, with the rush of each day and the obligation to do many errands in a short time, having a vehicle is not a luxury, but a necessity. It is an essential tool to travel distances optimizing the hours we need […]

Loans to buy a new vehicle: Coopealianza solves you

After having your own home, brand new vehicle is, surely, the greatest satisfaction in a person's life and in the vast majority of cases, the possibility of acquiring it depends on the financing. One of the great advantages of acquiring a new vehicle is the certainty that it will be able to move without […]

Financing for the payment of the stamp: At Coopealianza we help you

Pay the label at Coopealianza and participate in the raffle of five packages to choose from Puerto Viejo de Limón, Monteverde or La Fortuna de San Carlos. Paying for the label requires an additional financial effort that often limits the purchasing power of many families. At Coopealianza we have an alternative for our clients and associates […]

Unify your debts in Coopealianza RL

The acquisition of dispersed debts in different financial entities, with different dates for the payment of amortization and interest and for amounts of money that absorb a large part of the income, can become a pressing reality.

We save money: the tranquility of the end of the year


Although having Auto Insurance or “Marchamo”, as we call it, is an obligation that we must fulfill every year, in order for our vehicle to be authorized to circulate in our country, some of us make the payment with certain setbacks because we let it At the last. The disappointment comes, in part, from the fact that the payment […]

Vehicle loans

Vehicle loans

Meet the goal of having your own car, with our credits With the dynamics that characterize society, currently a vehicle has become an indispensable instrument to travel distances that, otherwise, would limit the time we need to dedicate to our work , family or fun. An own vehicle is the solution […]