Benefits to carry out your studies in Costa Rica

The selection of a career, academic or technical, is such an important decision that it is usually defining the future of the student, in economic, social and happiness terms. Due to the repercussion that it will have, during the rest of the person's life, it is a decision that must be taken […]

College Student Credit Options

Benefits and credits for university students Coopealianza has discount agreements in universities, institutes and language centers. There are currently 19 universities and 7 institutes specialized in languages. These are part of the great benefits that Coopealianza associates can enjoy. Click on each one of them and learn about their benefits […]

Personal loan in Costa Rica

Personal loan

It is normal for people to plan small or medium projects that need to be financed and the ideal is to go to a financial institution.

Easy Credits for Debt Unification

Debt unification

On occasions, different needs arise in our daily lives such as: remodeling or buying a house, travel, car, studies, among others; To achieve this, one option is to apply for credit, which allows improving personal and family living conditions. Trying to achieve goals takes away our peace of mind; since we think about the payments, the […]