How to apply for a credit online urgently?

Do you believe that obtaining credit in the current financial system is practically impossible, cumbersome and exhausting? In Coopealianza it is not like that. Let us help you in times of urgency. We are a cooperative with the backing of 50 years of experience, responsible, that seeks to provide solutions with the best conditions to our associates […]

Home Credits and Loans: Build or Remodel Easily

The own house is an enclosure that guarantees peace, tranquility and satisfaction but, over time, factors that demand a remodeling appear. The causes are diverse: the family grows and more rooms are needed; the natural deterioration caused by use and the elements of nature and, even, the boredom that can […]

Home loan loans in Costa Rica

Home loan loans in Costa Rica

The opportunity to buy a home is a decision that has often been postponed due to not assuming a long-term financial commitment. Due to the uncertainty, people continue to live with discomfort in someone else's home or paying a rental fee to live in a property that will never be their own, while the […]

Personal loan in Costa Rica

Personal loan

It is normal for people to plan small or medium projects that need to be financed and the ideal is to go to a financial institution.

Accessible credits for home expansion or remodeling

Home remodeling credits

The house is the space where we live and develop part of our life, accompanied by our families, friends or pets. It is a private place that gives us security and protection, which evolves as tastes and needs grow: an additional room, an office, the garage, laundry room and more. The remodeling and […]

Easy Credits for Debt Unification

Debt unification

On occasions, different needs arise in our daily lives such as: remodeling or buying a house, travel, car, studies, among others; To achieve this, one option is to apply for credit, which allows improving personal and family living conditions. Trying to achieve goals takes away our peace of mind; since we think about the payments, the […]