Loans for Housing in Coopealianza

Housing Credits

We help you to open your new home Every year we set new goals. Perhaps we write in a journal or make a whiteboard with clippings of the life we ​​have always wanted to live. Possibly, many times in that vision is having our own house, but the year ends, time passes, and we continue […]

A Stop to Usury

A halt to Usury Costa Rica is being affected by two plagues. Because of the Covid-19 health pandemic, of which, at this time, there is no vaccine so that the disease does not continue to spread and because of the debt, which is consuming the tranquility of many Costa Rican families, especially because […]

Credit and loan options in San Carlos

Unify your debts in Coopealianza to affordable installments

With an office located in Ciudad Quesada, at Coopealianza RL we are making available to the San Carlos area credit options that they require for their residential, business and consumer projects. Our office in Ciudad Quesada is located on the west side of the branch of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund […]

Home Credits and Loans: Build or Remodel Easily

The own house is an enclosure that guarantees peace, tranquility and satisfaction but, over time, factors that demand a remodeling appear. The causes are diverse: the family grows and more rooms are needed; the natural deterioration caused by use and the elements of nature and, even, the boredom that can […]

Sale of properties and real estate in Costa Rica

The benefits of the Christmas bonus are usually rewarding, but short-lived. It is a very opportune additional income to pay for some luxuries, cover or pay off some debts and save a capital that disappears throughout the year. But it can also serve as a starting point for a successful life project, such as buying […]

Apply for your personal loan at Coopealianza

Apply for your personal loan at Coopealianza

Opportunities for personal and family improvement arise frequently, and the possibility of taking advantage of them depends, many times, on access to credit: The vehicle you needed to move, work and mobilize the family. Access to curricula that help improve working conditions and income. The […]

Real estate in Puntarenas: ask about the properties we have.

Real estate in Puntarenas

The southern cantons of the province of Puntarenas make up an area of ​​the national territory with enormous potential for economic progress and personal and family well-being. The expectation comes from its natural and cultural riches, which give the sector paradisiacal tourist attractions, with an agricultural and livestock vocation and of growing importance for […]

Sale of lots and houses in Buenos Aires: at Coopealianza we finance it.

We sell lots and houses in Buenos Aires at Coopealianza we finance it

The purchase of a property awarded to a financial institution produces a series of benefits for the buyer, among which the cost of the house or lot stands out, usually below the market price. Among other advantages arising from the purchase of a property from the real estate area of ​​a financial institution, […]