Home Credits and Loans: Build or Remodel Easily

The own house is an enclosure that guarantees peace, tranquility and satisfaction but, over time, factors that demand a remodeling appear. The causes are diverse: the family grows and more rooms are needed; the natural deterioration caused by use and the elements of nature and, even, the boredom that can […]

Sale of properties and real estate in Costa Rica

The benefits of the Christmas bonus are usually rewarding, but short-lived. It is a very opportune additional income to pay for some luxuries, cover or pay off some debts and save a capital that disappears throughout the year. But it can also serve as a starting point for a successful life project, such as buying […]

Sale of lots and houses in Buenos Aires: at Coopealianza we finance it.

We sell lots and houses in Buenos Aires at Coopealianza we finance it

The purchase of a property awarded to a financial institution produces a series of benefits for the buyer, among which the cost of the house or lot stands out, usually below the market price. Among other advantages arising from the purchase of a property from the real estate area of ​​a financial institution, […]

Where to get a mortgage loan in Costa Rica?

Where to get a mortgage loan in Costa Rica

For the vast majority of middle-income Costa Ricans, the possibility of acquiring a lot, a house or a farm is open through the acquisition of a mortgage loan. Through the mortgage loan modality, the property is the one that provides the interested party with the opportunity to get the loan and the one that supports the entity […]

Sale of properties and lots in Guanacaste

Sale of properties and lots in Guanacaste

A government initiative to supply water to vast territories of Guanacaste, in the coming years, promises to catapult the agricultural, livestock and tourist activities of this generous province. It is a great project designed to maintain a permanent rhythm of production, without the characteristic declines of long, prolonged droughts; an injection of vitality, to a province […]

Looking for properties in Guanacaste? At Coopealianza we have a wide offer for you

Historically, Guanacaste has been characterized by its enormous contribution to the country's economy, through agricultural, livestock and electricity production; but its contribution is increasing, thanks to tourism and industry. In the agricultural field, it is a great producer of rice, sugar, orange, melon, corn, and beans; provides Costa Rica […]

Home and lot purchase loans

Home and lot purchase loans

Having your own home is not only the right of everyone to have a private space to live in, but also the right to form a home, have a family and live in comfort and dignity. Buying a lot to build or acquire a house, however, is not easy, for the […]