A Stop to Usury

A halt to Usury Costa Rica is being affected by two plagues. Because of the Covid-19 health pandemic, of which, at this time, there is no vaccine so that the disease does not continue to spread and because of the debt, which is consuming the tranquility of many Costa Rican families, especially because […]

Credit and loan options in San Carlos

Unify your debts in Coopealianza to affordable installments

With an office located in Ciudad Quesada, at Coopealianza RL we are making available to the San Carlos area credit options that they require for their residential, business and consumer projects. Our office in Ciudad Quesada is located on the west side of the branch of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund […]

Loans for your company: invest with total peace of mind

Loans for your company - invest with total peace of mind

According to the most recent Report on the Status of the Situation of SMEs, 97,5% of Costa Rica's business park is made up of small and medium-sized companies. According to the report, from 2017, 73% of these companies are small and 6% are medium-sized, a figure that reveals the enormous importance they have […]

SME loan options in Costa Rica

SME loan options in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica there are around 140 small and medium-sized companies and the number continues to grow, showing its importance for the country's economy and for hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and workers. In descending order, SMEs act as engines of the development of the services sector, commerce, agricultural production, industry and […]

Loans for Mipymes

Loans for Mipymes

Financing is a determining factor for the existence, subsistence and growth of the vast majority of companies, and all of them, large or small, have the opportunity to get the financial support they need in Coopealianza. A financial company of a social nature, such as Coopealianza, has credit lines available that allow its associates to access […]