Where to request a personal credit in Costa Rica?

To a greater or lesser extent, all of us have aspirations: to obtain a profession, build a home, educate children, protect health and improve the living conditions of the family. But the savings are not always enough or they do not arrive on time to achieve the objectives, so the alternative of […]

Public Employee Loans - Make your New Year goals easy.

Every year, for the days when we enjoy a well-deserved vacation inspired by the Christmas airs, we make a list of good resolutions, many of which are never fulfilled. The truth is that it is not easy to maintain an exercise rhythm or stick to a diet for more than two weeks; not […]

Loans to buy a new vehicle: Coopealianza solves you

After having your own home, brand new vehicle is, surely, the greatest satisfaction in a person's life and in the vast majority of cases, the possibility of acquiring it depends on the financing. One of the great advantages of acquiring a new vehicle is the certainty that it will be able to move without […]

Apply for your personal loan at Coopealianza

Apply for your personal loan at Coopealianza

Opportunities for personal and family improvement arise frequently, and the possibility of taking advantage of them depends, many times, on access to credit: The vehicle you needed to move, work and mobilize the family. Access to curricula that help improve working conditions and income. The […]

Public sector loans

Loans and financing for the public sector

Coopealianza does solve the job stability of the public sector worker is a guarantee for an entity like Coopealianza to take into account when analyzing and granting a loan, depending on their working time and their condition, whether owned or interim. The financing alternative for public officials who […]

College Student Credit Options

Benefits and credits for university students Coopealianza has discount agreements in universities, institutes and language centers. There are currently 19 universities and 7 institutes specialized in languages. These are part of the great benefits that Coopealianza associates can enjoy. Click on each one of them and learn about their benefits […]

Plans for vacationing at Easter

Plans to vacation at Easter As it is the commemoration of an event that sustains the Christian faith, Easter is one of the main events convened from the religious and faith point of view. It is a season that is celebrated in many communities around the world, with the most diverse expressions […]

Personal credits: we are your best option

Personal credits

A personal credit can be decisive in setting the pace of progress of a person or a family and an adequate financing mechanism is the best option. These are moments that mark a before and after: resolving a critical economic situation; fund a curriculum; buy the car we need; equip the […]