5 benefits of having a credit card

5 benefits of having a credit card

A credit card is a means of payment that can be very useful and advantageous. It is a financial instrument issued by a bank or financial entity such as Coopealianza, and works as a financing method, even offering incentives and favorable conditions for its frequent use. Some of the advantages of using credit cards are: […]

With Coopealianza credit cards - Travel abroad with peace of mind

Travel abroad with peace of mind

Running out of money or with limited economic resources, during a business trip, study or vacation abroad, can become a bad experience that no one wants to live. Certainly, the traveler usually takes certain precautions, such as dividing the money they carry, into segments and distributing it in their wallet, suitcases, secret bag and […]

Credit cards: avoid mistakes when using them

Credit cards are a financing tool, but their use demands great responsibility. They are a practical solution to make payments, for an unforeseen situation and, even, to give yourself a personal taste from time to time; but there are consumers who usually make mistakes that can cause them inconvenience, due to the effect they cause […]

How to make proper use of the credit card?

The credit card is an invaluable tool for dealing with emergency situations and even for accessing cash through ATMs, but misuse can have serious consequences. Its importance is unappealable, when it comes to covering contingencies such as: expenses of […]