Unify your debts in Coopealianza to affordable installments

Unify your debts to affordable installments with Coopealianza

With each loan acquired comes a solution, but the accumulation of several debts can become a complicated situation for the finances of the family. Aware that over-indebtedness is a situation that suffocates the economy of many households, at Coopealianza we created, to the satisfaction of our associates, the alternative of unifying credits, so that […]

What does debt consolidation work for?

Some people go into debt until the financial burden becomes an unmanageable snowball. They often fall into the temptation of happy offers that offer them financial support to buy a car, a house, travel, and acquire credit cards at unbeatable conditions. But, when push comes to shove, […]

Important tips for getting out of debt

Credit is a financial instrument of undeniable importance to improve the family's living conditions, open up new opportunities, increase productivity, generate more money, etc. If it is used to improve, without limiting everyday family and business solutions and without compromising equity, credit is good. There are debts contracted on projections […]

How to make proper use of the credit card?

The credit card is an invaluable tool for dealing with emergency situations and even for accessing cash through ATMs, but misuse can have serious consequences. Its importance is unappealable, when it comes to covering contingencies such as: expenses of […]

Unify your debts in Coopealianza RL

The acquisition of dispersed debts in different financial entities, with different dates for the payment of amortization and interest and for amounts of money that absorb a large part of the income, can become a pressing reality.

Do not panic: At Coopealianza we help you to consolidate your debts

Don't be distressed

Although financing is a financial option that contributes to the acquisition of goods and services that help make our personal and family life more bearable and pleasant, its uncontrolled management can become a cause of anguish. It is not strange that people with impeccable credit history find themselves in worrying situations, due to […]

Loans for employees: Coopealianza yes solves you

Employee loans

Although income allows employees to lead a comfortable life, certain situations may arise where an additional source of money is needed. For example, when traveling, buying a car, there are even unforeseen situations such as investments in studies, acquisition of furniture and household appliances and matters related to health, which […]