5 tips for planning a trip with a personal loan

travel with personal credit

At Coopealianza we know that our clients and associates love to travel; the adventure of immersing yourself in an environment completely different from everyday life, making new friends, trying exotic flavors, venturing into unimaginable experiences that mark a before and after in life.

Are you a traveling family? Request your credit at incredible rates

travel as a family

  Many of us have dreamed of traveling the world since childhood, but perhaps we did not grow up in a family where this type of adventure was encouraged; For this reason, now we want to build opportunities to learn and develop as people together with our children, siblings, nephews or grandchildren. Definitely, traveling as a family is an unforgettable experience […]

3 places to visit on vacation: Plan your trip and enjoy

places to visit on vacation

This year, preventing several days off such as Easter, holidays and vacations, there are some days off that we want to make the most of. Most of us want to travel and see new places, living unique adventures that allow us to return home refreshed with energy and enthusiasm to continue working with enthusiasm. Therefore, today we want to recommend [...]

Do you want to go for a walk on vacation? Request your personal credit and enjoy

Do you dream of traveling this end and beginning of the year? Plan the trip, prepare your bags with peace of mind, we will finance you. In Coopealianza credits for personal expenses that can cover the costs of your dream vacation with competitive and stable rates, long terms to pay, fast and personalized procedures, few requirements and terms in accordance with the […]

Plan your Easter holidays: 3 destinations you can visit

Yes, we are just celebrating the Christmas and New Year holidays, but many people have already started planning their dream vacation for next Easter. Planning ahead will allow you to get the best flight deals and book hotels early, as well as manage your things to ensure that you can travel with […]

If your dream is to travel, Now is when, at Coopealianza we help you achieve it

  Leaving home and traveling is an experience that will accompany you for a lifetime. Of course, money is an essential element to make a comfortable trip, stay in pleasant hotels, enjoy the various gastronomic experiences, enter museums and parks and ensure that the trip is what you have always dreamed of. But […]

Personal credits: we are your best option

Personal credits

A personal credit can be decisive in setting the pace of progress of a person or a family and an adequate financing mechanism is the best option. These are moments that mark a before and after: resolving a critical economic situation; fund a curriculum; buy the car we need; equip the […]