If our economic situation becomes complicated, we must go out and look for solutions to improve it. The debt consolidation It is a valid option for people who want to start an ideal of health and financial culture.

There are debts that are good, that help us meet the needs that appear along the way, to the extent that they are paid on time and generate a favorable credit history.

Regardless of your ability to manage private household finances, is it not healthier to have a single account, than to be aware of payment dates, rates to pay, amortizations and, in general, the state in which Are there two, three, four or more debts, in different entities and with different financial modalities?

The consumer also has at his disposal the opportunity to adopt an intelligent initiative, go to a financial institution with a recognized track record, such as Coopealianza, in order to merge your debts into one. Thus, he pays a single amount for interest and amortization, under favorable conditions. It also frees up resources to save or improve your standard of living.

The recast does not mean that debts disappear, but it does open an opportunity for debtors to start a financially healthier period, one that eases those in difficult situations.

En Coopealianza we consolidate your debts, with fast procedures, long terms to pay and personalized advice, so that the associate maintains control over the debt and recovers tranquility.

At Coopealianza we help you pay much less interest.

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