The acquisition of dispersed debts in different financial entities, with different dates for the payment of amortization and interest and for amounts of money that absorb a large part of the income, can become a pressing reality.

It is to be understood that these debts were assumed to solve pressing and sometimes urgent needs, such as the remodeling of the house, the repair or acquisition of a vehicle, the payment of studies, medical attention, etc.

In such a situation, what corresponds is merge those various debts into one, a procedure available at Coopealianza, which allows its members to make a single monthly payment with a lower installment as a result of a longer term and a better interest rate.

This option also valid for small and medium-sized companies who want to restructure their debts, in order to improve their cash flows.

En Coopealianza We believe in work, effort and human development, with a balance between the financial and the social, and with that objective, we make available to members the debt unification service, under the most favorable conditions:

Unify your debts by contacting us through the Information Center at number 2785-3000, WhatsApp 8554-3000, the page of Coopealianza on Facebook, form included on our website Or visit us at any of our 52 offices located throughout the country.

At Coopealianza we advise you as a friend!