Coopealianza offers the option of merge all the loans that are taken before different financial institutions and unify them in a single account.

The consolidation of debts includes credit cards, personal loans, loans in other entities or businesses, among other credits.

In this case, Coopealianza buys all your debts to offer you the best deal and more favorable conditions, so that you can release liquidity and establish a single payment date and a more favorable installment. It will be a kind of respite for you and your family with a credit that adapts to your real economic conditions.

This is an ideal alternative for people who are being affected by over-indebtedness and who struggle to keep track of all installments and payment dates, living in fear of being seized or judicially charged.

The consolidation of debts allows the debtor to make payments according to their possibilities and with interest lower than the accumulation of charges to which they were obliged with the separate debts.

Advantages of the unification of debts in Coopealianza

Although this type of process can be requested by anyone, one of the audiences that makes the most of this service is the public sector employees, who have acquired loans thanks to the ability to pay that a fixed and stable salary provides, but who want to have greater control over their debts and pay less interest. An advantage wherever you see it!

You can seek advice on your case today and opt for a debt consolidation to improve your quality of life.

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