Buying a property awarded to a financial institution produces a series of benefits for the buyer, among which the cost of the house or lot stands out, usually lower than the market price.

Among other advantages arising from the purchase of a property from the real estate area of ​​a financial institution, are:

The aforementioned advantages open the opportunity to buy properties as a form of investment or acquire house for the family.

As a result of these award processes, in Coopealianza RL We maintain a stock of farms, lots and properties throughout the country, and Buenos Aires de Puntarenas could not be the exception.

You can obtain detailed information on each of the properties - location, measurements, price - on the "Properties" page of our website:

Apart from the competitive and advantageous financing conditions, for the purchase of the property, Coopealianza gives you the option of acquiring additional credits to improve the buildings, under the same conditions, during the same credit term.

We are a robust social economy solidarity entity, with an impeccable 48-year history and an associative base that exceeds 200 thousand members.

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