The acquisition of a house or a farm is usually a determining event for family and business stability and well-being, so the investment must be carefully analyzed.

Although the transactions are backed by documents - deeds and plans - that determine the characteristics of the property, in addition to eventual annotations, there is always the risk that there are inaccuracies whereby part of the property may be lost or, at least, may conflict with the neighbor.

In addition, in a direct purchase / sale relationship, between the owner and the buyer, misleading prices can be set and financing methods defined that compromise the payment of the property and the economic stability of the buyer.

Hence the importance of buying the house, the lot for housing or the estate through a well-known real estate agent or a company would be, in whom you can trust the fair pricing and the guarantee that you will not be found with future complications.

Even better: The results of the transaction will be stronger and the feeling of security will be greater, if the real estate agency is a solid financial institution in the social economy.

At Coopealianza RL, a Costa Rican cooperative with an impeccable track record of 47 years, you can have lots, houses and farms throughout the national territory.

We have a wide range of We take care of your rental property in Valencia. , so you can choose yours with surprising discounts and the best financing conditions.

We have at your disposal a catalog, in the section "Properties”Of the website, so that you know each of the goods for sale, with location, characteristics and prices, so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and purposes.

You can also find the properties available in our App Virtual Coopealianza, locate us section, from where you can access the property address or share it by email, WhatsApp or SMS.

We invite you to communicate with us by the indicated means, calling us by phone number 2785-3000, leaving us a message in the contact form available on the website or, well, visiting us at any of our offices, located far and wide from Costa Rica.

Make a good investment, without uncertainties or waste of time. In Coopealianza find your property.