Descuento 30%

Farm in Guanacaste, Bagaces, Central Bagaces. Barrio Arbolito, from La Entrada de Villa Verde, 750 meters north, 1.8 km east and 1 km north (La Cofradía).

Lot in Limón. Price: ¢ 10,309,786

Lot in Limón

Lot in Limón, Guácimo, Pocora. Los Laureles neighborhood, in front of the south east corner of the Sports Square


Property ID:  1801287
> Land area: 670 m2
Topography: Plana
> Access:  Public Street


> Province: Lemon
> Canton: Guacimo
> Estate: 7-164685-000
> Flat: L-1963964-2017