How to apply for a credit online urgently?

Do you believe that obtaining credit in the current financial system is practically impossible, cumbersome and exhausting? In Coopealianza it is not like that. Let us help you in times of urgency. We are a cooperative with the backing of 50 years of experience, responsible, that seeks to provide solutions with the best conditions to our associates […]

If your dream is to travel, Now is when, at Coopealianza we help you achieve it

  Leaving home and traveling is an experience that will accompany you for a lifetime. Of course, money is an essential element to make a comfortable trip, stay in pleasant hotels, enjoy the various gastronomic experiences, enter museums and parks and ensure that the trip is what you have always dreamed of. But […]

A Stop to Usury

A halt to Usury Costa Rica is being affected by two plagues. Because of the Covid-19 health pandemic, of which, at this time, there is no vaccine so that the disease does not continue to spread and because of the debt, which is consuming the tranquility of many Costa Rican families, especially because […]

Credit and loan options in San Carlos

Unify your debts in Coopealianza to affordable installments

With an office located in Ciudad Quesada, at Coopealianza RL we are making available to the San Carlos area credit options that they require for their residential, business and consumer projects. Our office in Ciudad Quesada is located on the west side of the branch of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund […]

With our credits you can carry out medical or aesthetic treatments

Lines of credit for medical or cosmetic treatments

Good health and fitness are treasures that can be lost suddenly, although their effects can be prevented quickly and effectively if you have the resources to pay for timely medical care. We are referring to unforeseen situations, so many and so diverse, which usually occur outside the proper control of ripening […]

Loans for businesswomen and entrepreneurs


Official figures indicate that micro, small and medium-sized companies generate a third of the country's jobs, a figure that reveals the importance that private initiative has in the Costa Rican economy. But the figures also reveal the high percentage of people who remain in salaried jobs, particularly in the […]

Where to request a personal credit in Costa Rica?

To a greater or lesser extent, all of us have aspirations: to obtain a profession, build a home, educate children, protect health and improve the living conditions of the family. But the savings are not always enough or they do not arrive on time to achieve the objectives, so the alternative of […]

Public Employee Loans - Make your New Year goals easy.

Every year, for the days when we enjoy a well-deserved vacation inspired by the Christmas airs, we make a list of good resolutions, many of which are never fulfilled. The truth is that it is not easy to maintain an exercise rhythm or stick to a diet for more than two weeks; not […]

Loans to buy a new vehicle: Coopealianza solves you

After having your own home, brand new vehicle is, surely, the greatest satisfaction in a person's life and in the vast majority of cases, the possibility of acquiring it depends on the financing. One of the great advantages of acquiring a new vehicle is the certainty that it will be able to move without […]

Financing for the payment of the stamp: At Coopealianza we help you

Pay the label at Coopealianza and participate in the raffle of five packages to choose from Puerto Viejo de Limón, Monteverde or La Fortuna de San Carlos. Paying for the label requires an additional financial effort that often limits the purchasing power of many families. At Coopealianza we have an alternative for our clients and associates […]