San José has its advantages. In addition to how interesting it can be to build a life project in the capital, some of the benefits of living or having a business in San José are:

  • Wide range of services and entertainment.Having the opportunity to have all kinds of services nearby, whether to cover basic needs (supermarkets, pharmacies, medical centers, universities) or to have fun with friends, makes living in San José incredible. The capital has cinemas, theaters, museums, shops, countless restaurants with Italian, Colombian, Peruvian, Argentine meat, Spanish tables and, of course, 100% Costa Rican food.
  • Good communication, access and connectivity. Another advantage that living in San José offers is that it is well connected either by the stable Internet service or by the availability of public transport, roads - almost always in good condition - and other possibilities, including bicycle lanes, pedestrian access and boulevards. .
  • Active social life. Every day you have the opportunity to easily meet interesting people, from different countries and with different and exciting stories.

In fact, at some point the renowned British magazine The Economist published that San José was one of the best cities in Latin America to live in, followed by Montevideo (Uruguay) and Santiago (Chile), due to variables such as quality of life, mobility, transportation, public safety, environmental quality, the business climate, education, access to services such as health, human development and the prospects for the development of urban space.

And despite the pandemic, the capital is in full growth and areas of great development and added value abound with new shopping centers, restaurants for all tastes and apartment buildings.

For all these reasons, in Coopealianza we have a series of properties in San José with excellent conditions.

Dream opportunities

  • Land by Plaza González Víquez. At this moment, in Coopealianza we have for sale a land with construction in San José Centro, with an extraordinary strategic location.
    The property has a land of 245,94 meters, access to a public street with an excellent location; it is close to shopping centers, schools and hospitals, and the best thing is that it has a flat topography making it ideal for home construction or investment.
    This property is located specifically in Plaza González Víquez, at the intersection between Avenida 26 and Calle 15, 40 meters west, right hand lot.
  • Aserri. And if you prefer something less central but equally accessible, we have a Building-Lot for the Cantonal Police Delegation of Aserrí, 100 meters southeast, 100 meters northeast and 50 meters northwest, Casa Esquinera.

You already know Contact us and ask for the available properties. Here can be your next lot, home or business. Don't let it pass.