If you have always dreamed of having your own car to go for a walk to the beach, visit your family, go out to dinner with friends without worrying about the bus schedule or even to move comfortably to your place of work, buying a used car is a good choice.

Some of the well-known advantages of buying a used car are:

  • Buy the car of your dreams without paying whims: Because you will pay less for a used car, you could afford to choose a higher class of vehicle, even a 4 × 4 ideal for the harsh roads of our country.
  • Pay less for vehicle insurance.
  • Pay less for the right of movement every end of the year.
  • Worry less about small damages.
  • Less likely that the vehicle has factory defects.
  • The possibility of finding great bargains: cars in excellent condition at an incredible price. It just takes time and willingness to find your ideal vehicle.

Precisely thinking that our associates take advantage of these advantages, in Coopealianza we have credits for the purchase of used cars in Costa Rica.

For example, in the Consumer Credit line we offer loans for the purchase or change of vehicle. You yourself can request this procedure online.

Contact us immediately at 2785-3000 or visit us at any of our offices around the country.

We will be very happy to help you buy your next car and improve your quality of life. You deserve it!