For the vast majority of people, buying a home is one of the most important decisions they can make in their lives, because the price reaches an amount of money that can only be paid over several years.

Although of less economic impact, financing is also necessary when it comes to buying a lot for housing, to build it or to repair it.

Since the financing amount is high and the amortization and cancellation period is long, the financial market uses an instrument called mortgage credit, to give opportunity to that large sector of the population to have their own home.

At Coopealianza RL it is easy to obtain a mortgage credit. The approval procedures are fast and easy, they include premium facilities and attractive interest rates, the terms are adjusted to the associate's possibilities and the applicant is provided with personalized attention.

Having a beautiful home is not only the right of everyone to have a private space to live, but also the right to form a home, have a family and live in comfort and dignity.

At Coopealianza we advise you as a friend. Our cooperative is a company in constant growth, since its constitution in 1971. It was born in San Isidro de El General, but today it has offices located throughout the Costa Rican territory.

It is a robust and robust entity that enhances the social, economic and environmental components, for the benefit of a community that exceeds 195 associates.

We invite you to contact us through the form on our website, our official Facebook page, our email or the number phone 2785-3000 and we will provide you with personalized attention.