At Coopealianza we always seek to offer innovative financial products and under the best conditions for our associates.

For that reason, we have the consumer credit, which is used to cover any personal expenses, such as buying a vehicle, paying for a study plan or simply going on vacation; In addition, with these credits, debts can be unified so that you can improve your liquidity.

Consumer credit has easy requirements and is obtained with agile procedures and personalized attention, offering conditions that are adaptable to your needs and income level.

And the best thing is that in Coopealianza you can apply for your loan online, by clicking here.

Online credit application

To request your loan, you only have to enter this same website and write down your identification number in our simple virtual form. Subsequently, you will be asked for your contact information so that our agents can communicate with you and provide you with all the advice you require. In addition, there is a space to explain your request in detail. And at the end you will be asked to accept the privacy terms and conditions.

In this way, your process will start and you will be closer to the approval of your credit.

Contact Us. Coopealianza is a consolidated and modern savings and credit cooperative, with a presence throughout the national territory, a leader in the cooperative sector in Costa Rica.