Debt consolidation is a useful alternative for people who have several debts with different financial institutions and different conditions.

What is a debt consolidation?

This process consists of merging all the loans and unifying them in a single account, with a single financial institution. This could include credit cards, personal loans, family loans, among other credits.

In our case, for example, unifying the debts occurs when Coopealianza buys all the debts to offer you a better deal and more favorable conditions.

The objective is for the person to go from paying several accounts to a single one, keeping optimal control of their credit, with a single payment date and a single installment, guaranteeing better conditions.

Who can refund their debts?

One of the audiences that most takes advantage of debt consolidation are public sector employees, who have acquired loans thanks to the ability to pay that a fixed and stable salary provides, but who want to have greater clarity about their debts and pay less than interest.

However, any person – whether or not they are a public employee – can visit our offices and request advice on their case to opt for a consolidation of debts.

What are the biggest advantages of consolidating debts?

If you want to consolidate your debts and have better financial health, fill in your details here. We will be happy to advise you. We help you create better conditions for the well-being of your family and a better future.


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