Although income allows employees to lead comfortable lives, certain situations may arise where an additional source of money is needed.

For example for traveling, buying a car, there are even unforeseen situations such as investments in studies, acquisition of furniture and appliances for the home and health-related matters, which exceed the amount of savings that had accumulated.

For a salaried employee, the solution lies in the acquisition of an agile loan, with a minimum of paperwork and in the most favorable financial conditions, such as those offered by Coopealianza.

Among the options you can have:

Debt unification

It is the ideal solution for those who have several credits with interest and amortizations whose amount, as a whole, is leaving the payment capacity.

Through this mechanism, the client obtains a new loan to pay off all other credits, with more favorable conditions.

Personal expenses

The expected solution to enjoy those holidays that were postponed because there were expenses that stood in the way and undermined the ability to save, or to buy or change the vehicle, among other options.

At Coopealianza we believe in work, effort and human development, with a balance between financial and social. We advise you and offer you stable and competitive rates, long terms, fast and personalized procedures, among others.

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