Increase the value of your property with a suitable remodeling

Our house is our safe place, where we receive friends and live with the family. It is that place we return to after a long work day or a week of vacation at the beach.

Many of us feel immensely proud of the home that we have built after many years of effort; of each piece of furniture, each plate, each painting and each corner of that house that is our refuge from the outside world.

In our house we prepare food and eat well, rest, work, read a good book, meditate, garden, have a little wine and even wash dirty clothes. Our house is probably the place where we spend most of our time, whether alone or with others.

When we invite someone to our house, we are really opening the door to our most personal and intimate space, where we can be ourselves, in pajamas and flip-flops.

For reasons like these, the value we place on our home is incalculable; but on the market, like any other property, our home may be losing value.

Houses are a material asset that deteriorates over time. The paint falls off, the windows break, the roofs are damaged by so much sun and rain, the sidewalks crack, and the years take their toll on the house that looked perfect in the past.

Also, even if our home has been well-maintained, sometimes we just want to move the energy and change it up a bit, removing a wall, creating a new breakfast nook, expanding the terrace, or making a garage for the car we recently bought. In those cases, a credit for remodeling it is very functional.

Loans for home remodeling in Coopealianza

At Coopealianza we offer personal loans to cover remodeling expenses, so that you can invest in improvements that increase the value of the property in the long term.

In that regard, we always encourage our clients and associates to consider getting a property inspection prior to applying for the loan to ensure improvements are necessary and feasible.

We also recommend taking advantage of the financing to make improvements in key areas, such as the kitchen and bathrooms, which tend to have a high return on investment.

And finally, before carrying out the work, it is important to request several quotes from contractors.

If you are thinking of remodeling your home, Contact us to advise you on the financing that best suits you and adapts to your needs, or complete our online form to apply for a personal loan.