It is normal for people to plan small or medium projects that need to be financed and the ideal is to go to a financial institution.

The personal loan has been the great solution to pay for a vacation plan, pay for the study of children, make improvements in the house, repair or buy a car and also to cover the costs generated by an illness.

Whatever the reason, however, the personal loan must be used to finance a specific consumer product or service and not to cover general liquidity needs.

Liquidity solutions can lead to a greater disorder in the administration of the family budget, and that is why it is so important to define the amount of the loan that you are going to request adjusted to the specific expense that you are going to make, and the term in which you are going to pay it. .

Personal credit in Coopealianza

The loan or credit must become the solution to a specific plan and, moreover, what corresponds is to go to a reputable and renowned financial institution that provides a fair and expedited service.

At Coopealianza, processing personal credit is easy. We have at your disposal:

You can process the loan at any of the 52 Coopealianza offices, you can contact us by phone 2785-3000, through our social networks or through the form that appears on our website. We will provide you with personalized attention.