Official figures indicate that micro, small and medium enterprises they generate a third of the country's jobs, a figure that reveals the importance that private initiative has in the Costa Rican economy.

But the figures also reveal the high percentage of people who remain in salaried jobs, particularly in large companies and state institutions, which limit their economic independence and the development of their talents and capabilities.

Entrepreneurship it is one of the facets of the economy most promoted by institutions and organizations and, more recently, has been emphasized in supporting women, that to a large extent had suffered the consequences of archaic social concepts that marginalized them.

At Coopealianza we do not have the best doubt about the entrepreneurial capacities of women. This is demonstrated by their ability to solve the needs that often affect their homes, with tenacious work, talent and creativity.

Our credit products also help you to businesswomen and entrepreneurs make your project come true.

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