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We give you facilities for land purchase credits One of the things that limits people who have the dream of acquiring their own home is that they could opt for a bond or build their home with a loan, but first they need a piece of land. That ideal place, strategically well located and that supplies […]

Loans for Housing in Coopealianza

Housing Credits

We help you to open your new home Every year we set new goals. Perhaps we write in a journal or make a whiteboard with clippings of the life we ​​have always wanted to live. Possibly, many times in that vision is having our own house, but the year ends, time passes, and we continue […]

Sale of properties in Puntarenas and Pérez Zeledón

Sale of properties in Puntarenas and Pérez Zeledón

In terms of acquiring real estate, the client must take into account important factors, such as the characteristics of the real estate, price and financing facilities. Although it is always possible that offers of opportunity are presented, coinciding with the availability of resources to take advantage of them, the usual thing is that purchase transactions […]

Looking for properties in Guanacaste? At Coopealianza we have a wide offer for you

Historically, Guanacaste has been characterized by its enormous contribution to the country's economy, through agricultural, livestock and electricity production; but its contribution is increasing, thanks to tourism and industry. In the agricultural field, it is a great producer of rice, sugar, orange, melon, corn, and beans; provides Costa Rica […]

Sale of properties and lots in Costa Rica: Find in Coopealianza the one you need

The acquisition of a house or a farm is usually a determining event for the stability and well-being of the family and business, so the investment must be carefully analyzed. Although transactions are supported by documents - deeds and plans - that determine the characteristics of the property, as well as eventual annotations, there is always the [...]