If your dream is to travel, Now is when, at Coopealianza we help you achieve it

  Leaving home and traveling is an experience that will accompany you for a lifetime. Of course, money is an essential element to make a comfortable trip, stay in pleasant hotels, enjoy the various gastronomic experiences, enter museums and parks and ensure that the trip is what you have always dreamed of. But […]

With Coopealianza credit cards - Travel abroad with peace of mind

Travel abroad with peace of mind

Running out of money or with limited economic resources, during a business trip, study or vacation abroad, can become a bad experience that no one wants to live. Certainly, the traveler usually takes certain precautions, such as dividing the money they carry, into segments and distributing it in their wallet, suitcases, secret bag and […]

Public Employee Loans - Make your New Year goals easy.

Every year, for the days when we enjoy a well-deserved vacation inspired by the Christmas airs, we make a list of good resolutions, many of which are never fulfilled. The truth is that it is not easy to maintain an exercise rhythm or stick to a diet for more than two weeks; not […]

Plans for vacationing at Easter

Plans to vacation at Easter As it is the commemoration of an event that sustains the Christian faith, Easter is one of the main events convened from the religious and faith point of view. It is a season that is celebrated in many communities around the world, with the most diverse expressions […]

Personal credits: we are your best option

Personal credits

A personal credit can be decisive in setting the pace of progress of a person or a family and an adequate financing mechanism is the best option. These are moments that mark a before and after: resolving a critical economic situation; fund a curriculum; buy the car we need; equip the […]

Thinking of traveling? Apply for your credit and realize your goals

Travel credit

There are many valid reasons to travel; get to know cities, live with people from other countries and other cultures, visit historical spaces, go to museums and monuments; But there is one, scientifically proven, that combines all the others: traveling is good for your health. Get out of the routine and abandon the chores of the […]